People says–“Chandannagar is the birth place of decorative lightings. They don’t creat rather harvest these illuminated artworks”. Craftmen from Chandannagar have been authenticating his myth not only in the court of Indians even before his world community since years. “Babu Pal”, the keyman and proprietor – “Pal Electric” is one of those few magicians whose contribution helped to lay his foundation on building such a glorious fame. For the years he is bearing the torch of great tradition of artistry from Chandannagar showing and inventing his newer, modern and advanced artistic skill.

The journey has been started at about 25 years before with just Indian rupees 10,000/- in hand and leaving a well-established family business behind. Primarily jointed his mentor and co-artist Ashok Kundu and for the aim being Sri Pal had worked with famous “Sridhar Das” also.

Gradually become an independent technician and founded “Pal Electric” in the year 1988. From the era of “Neon capillary tubes or 1-2 walt small lamps” to the most recent footings in “3D and LED’s we have stamped our expertise and competency everywhere. It is now well known that “Babu Pal” means fountains of lights, an union of modernism and ornamental elegance of electrical works.


This is to certify that "Pal Electric Co", WEST BENGAL had erected the entrance gates in India Fair, organised by us as a part of the "Dubai Shopping Festival".

M/s. Pal Electric Co. erected 2 gates of 40' height using moving lights and these gates were one of the landmarks of the India Fair. We have no hesitation in recommending M/s. Pal Electric Co. to any organisation requiring their services. They had done and excellent job which impressed the officials of the "Dubai Shopping Festival" and every single person visiting the India Fair.

K.V. Sankar

General Secretary

17th April 1999

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